The Small Partial Mousetrap



This is a private contract, binding under the rules of Agora. ais523
SHOULD attempt to announce changes in its text and membership as they
occur; however, this is not mandatory, especially as its membership may
not always be trivial to determine.

Any person CAN agree to this contract. The agreement need not be done by
announcement; any action, in any nomic, which has the effect of agreeing
to this contract is sufficient to constitute agreement to this contract,
as long as such agreement is permitted by the rules (especially rule

ais523 CAN leave this contract by announcement. Other persons can leave
this contract only if ais523 is not a party to it, in which case they
can leave it by announcement.

Parties to this contract SHALL vote FOR any Agoran decision on a
proposal submitted by ais523 on public request from ais523 (so long as
the request is made with sufficient notice to allow time to make that
particular vote during the voting period). Parties to this contract
SHALL retract ASAP any objections to a dependent action whose Executor
is ais523 on public request from ais523, and not re-object (or object in
the first place, if they had not previously objected to it) to dependent
actions on which ais523 has made such a request.

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