The Hidden Cheese



1. This is a public legalistic contract.

2. Any person CAN join this contract by posting a request to join to a
public or discussion forum. (As it's a public contract, posting a
request to a discussion forum will not be effective until the fact is
announced to a public forum.) Anyone can leave this contract if ais523
is not party to it; otherwise, only ais523 can leave it.

3. In general, any party to this contract CAN act on behalf of any other
party to it. However, as an exception to this, parties to this contract
CANNOT act on behalf of ais523 nor Warrigal, unless either this contract gives
permission outside this paragraph, or the player acted on behalf of
emself gives permission.

4. ais523 SHOULD announce the text and membership of this contract
whenever either changes. Any party to this contract can act on behalf of
em to make such an announcement (so long as the message sent only makes
such an announcement, and does nothing else).

5. To perform an action on behalf as defined by this contract, you can
send a message with something like "X on behalf of Y" in the signature;
e.g. "ais523 on behalf of Warrigal". If such a message has X as its
Executor, and the action-on-behalf is permitted by other paragraphs of
this contract, this is equivalent to acting on behalf of Y to send the
entire message. (Such an action-on-behalf only succeeds if permitted by
this or other contracts.)

6. This contract CAN be amended without member objection.

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