The Cookie Jar


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1) The name of this public contract is The Cookie Jar.

2) Any party to this contract CAN amend it without party objection.

3) For each event defined by this contract as point-worthy:

a) Once per week, each contestant CAN by announcement guess
how many times that event will occur during the next week.

b) After the end of that next week, the contestants are ranked
based on the absolute value of the difference between their
guess and the actual number, smallest differences highest,
with ties broken in favor of earlier guesses.

c) As soon as possible after the end of that next week, the
contestmaster SHALL award points as follows along the specified
axis, in this order, where N is the maximum number of points that
can be awarded for this contest along that axis each week:

i) floor(4N/10) to the first-place contestant
ii) floor(3N/10) to the second-place contestant
iii) floor(2N/10) to the third-place contestant
iv) 1 to each contestant whose guess was exactly correct,
in order from high to low rank, then repeating this
step until no more points can be awarded

4) The distribution of a proposal is a point-worthy event (counting
at most 5 proposals per author per week) for the X axis.

5) The initiation of a judicial case by a player is a point-worthy event
(counting at most 5 cases per initiator per week) for the
Y axis.

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