This is a public contract and a pledge, known as "Scumbuddies".

Anyone CAN join this contract with the consent of all existing
members. A party CAN leave this contract with the consent of all
members (consent required to prevent fleeing equity).

Each party has a membership of partial (default) or full. A party CAN
change eir membership by announcement.

Any party (the actor) CAN act on behalf of a party (the grantor) whose
membership is full by announcement, except to intend or agree to make
Contract Changes to this contract, but SHALL NOT do so except in the
following cases:

- as generally agreed and planned upon by both parties, such as as
needed to carry out a scam. The actor may make modifications to the
plan if e reasonably believes that the grantor would agree to them
without debate (i.e. fixes, not major changes);

- in the direct interest of the grantor, if the actor reasonably
believes the grantor would consent to the action without debate
(e.g. to leave a mousetrap under time pressure); or

- as would be POSSIBLE if not for this contract.

This contract is Equitable; a party SHALL NOT make it Legalistic. The
restrictions on acting on behalf are general in nature, but the most
important factor in equitability is the intent of the grantor. Don't
be evil.

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