PerlNomic Partnership


The current status and existence of this contract are disputed; the text
shown below is the text that existed before the controversy started, and
it may differ considerably from what is shown here, or even be different
for different people.



1. This is a binding agreement and Public Contract governed by the
Rules of Agora. Parties to this agreement are known as PerlNomicites.

2. The PerlNomicites are the active players of PerlNomic, unless there are
fewer than 2 such active players, in which case the PerlNomicites are the 2
registered players of PerlNomic who were most recently active. Persons
may not become PerlNomicites by any means except by becoming active players
of PerlNomic, and may not leave the contract by any means except ceasing
to be active players of PerlNomic. If the number of registered players
of PerlNomic falls below 2, than this partnership shall terminate.

3. The PerlNomicites shall jointly act as a partnership, in a manner
governed by this agreement. The ability of each PerlNomicite to act
as an individual is not thereby impaired. The partnership shall
be known as the PerlNomic Partnership.

4. The PerlNomic Partnership may incur obligations, rights, and
privileges under the Rules of Agora. The Partners may act on
behalf of the PerlNomic Partnership to satisfy such obligations
and to exercise such rights and privileges, as permitted by
this agreement.

5. The PerlNomic Partnership shall act by using the mechanisms of the
PerlNomic game to send messages to the appropriate Agoran fora. This
is the only mechanism by which the PerlNomic Partnership may perform
actions that are taken by sending a message. Any PerlNomicite can
act on the Partnership's behalf to fulfill an obligation that does
not involve sending a message to an Agoran forum.

6. The PerlNomicites shall ensure that the PerlNomic Partnership obeys
the Rules of Agora to the maximum possible extent. PerlNomicites should
not submit PerlNomic proposals that would interfere with obeying the Rules
of Agora.

7. This agreement may be amended by PerlNomic proposals that modify the
text of the agreement. The agreement shall not be modified through any
other mechanism, including but not limited to directly editing the
text of the agreement through means other than a passed proposal.

8. For the purposes of this agreement, "PerlNomic" refers to the instance
of the game running at if such an instance
is running there. If no such instance is running there, any person CAN,
without Objection and notwithstanding prohibitions against amending this
contract, amend this clause to change the URL of the server, provided e
makes a server available running a version of PerlNomic from a reasonably
recently tarball from the previous server at the new URL.

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