Human Point Two



1. Parties to this contract are known as Partners.

2. The Partners shall jointly act as a partnership, in a manner
governed by this agreement. The ability of each Partner to act
as an individual is not thereby impaired. The partnership shall
be known as Human Point Two.

3. Human Point Two may incur obligations, rights, and privileges
under the Rules of Agora. The Partners may act on behalf of Human
Point Two to satisfy such obligations and to exercise such rights
and privileges, as permitted by this agreement.

4. Any Partner may act on behalf of Human Point Two by giving the
other Partners notice of the intended action, then (provided that
either all other Partners consent, or no other Partner objects
within 24 hours after the notice) announcing the action and clearly
indicating that it is performed by Human Point Two. This is the
only mechanism by which Human Point Two can act.

A Partner may consent in advance to a class of actions e feels is
uncontroversial, e.g. publishing reports for an office that Human
Point Two holds.

5. The Partners shall ensure that Human Point Two obeys the Rules of
Agora to the maximum possible extent.

6. This agreement may be amended by the unanimous consent of the

7. New Partners may be admitted to this agreement by the unanimous
consent of the current Partners. Partners may leave the agreement by
giving notice to all other Partners. If the number of Partners falls
below two, then this agreement shall terminate and Human Point Two
shall dissolve.

8. Human Point Two acknowledges the Pineapple Partnership and its
partners for providing a useful template.

9. Parties to this contract agree to not submit dilatory criminal CFJs
against other parties to this contract; to pursue contract
adjudication through equity CFJs before filing criminal CFJs; and to
treat each other right, good forever.

10. Human Point Two SHOULD vote on all elections on which it is able,
and the partners will attempt to uphold this clause with due diligence.

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