Fantasy Rules Contest


The text of this contract is disputed. The text shown is the text it had prior to the dispute.



1) The name of this public contract is the Fantasy Rules Contest.

2) The purpose of this contract is to be a contest that encourages
participation in the Fantasy Rules Committee, whose status is
available at

3) Any player CAN become a member of this contract by announcement.
Any player CAN leave it by announcement.

4) The contestmaster of this contract CAN change as permitted by the

5) The contestmaster CAN amend this contract without member objection.
Any other member CAN amend this contract with the contestmaster's
support and without member objection.

6) As soon as possible after the end of each week, the contestmaster
SHALL award points in this order, subject to limits imposed by the
rules, breaking ties randomly as needed. For the purpose of this
clause, contestanthood is measured at the end of the week.

a) For each round of the Committee that was won by a contestant
during that week, 20 points to that contestant, using the axis
preferred by the contestant (if e has done so) or the
contestmaster (otherwise).

b) For each fantasy rule submitted by a contestant that was judged
during that week, 6 or 4 or 2 x-points to that contestant,
depending on whether it was judged valid or unsuccessful or
invalid (respectively), and 2*min(abs(S),3) y-points to that
contestant (where S is the number of style points awarded to it),
rounded to an integer, breaking ties toward odd integers; if S is
negative, then e SHALL revoke y-points instead of awarding them; e
SHALL award/revoke these points in the order the fantasy rules were

7) If this contract is a Champion's Contest, the contestmaster CAN and
SHALL transfer a medal from the contract to any contestant who has
won 3 rounds of the Committee since the contract came to possess that
medal, as soon as possible after the contestant has won the 3rd such

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