The Dollarous Exchange



This is a public contract called "The Dollarous Exchange". Any person
CAN leave this contract if they have no USD Blots. This contract is a pledge.

USD Vouchers are a currency, and USD Blots are a fixed currency that
cannot be destroyed by announcement. If a first-class party to this
contract has less than 15 USD Blots, or less than half as many USD
Blots as USD Vouchers, then e CAN award emself a USD Voucher and a USD
Blot by announcement. If a person has a USD Blot and a USD Voucher, e
CAN destroy both by announcement.

A person is in debt in this contract's eyes if and only if e has more
USD Blots than USD Vouchers. Any person CAN by announcement redeem a
USD Voucher they possess, specifying a consenting person who is in
debt and a method of receiving United States dollars. The person who
is in debt SHALL consent to an offer as soon as possible if e can
easily cause the prospective redeemer to receive 1 USD in that manner,
assuming e has sufficient USD. When a USD Voucher is redeemed, it is
destroyed, one USD Blot is revoked from the person who is in debt, and
the person who is in debt SHALL send 1 USD to the redeemer in such a
way that it will arrive within 21 days of the redemption.

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