The Agoran Fast Food Society


Warrigal is the Muckle, but is no longer a party.


This is a public contract known as The Agoran Fast Food Society.
Parties to this contract are known as Artisans. The Muckle is a
person, originally Warrigal. If the Muckle is not an active player, or
has been the Muckle for the last 30 days, any Artisan can cause any
Artisan to become the Muckle. Any person CAN leave this contract by
announcement. This contract can be amended with the consent of all parties.

Golden Hash Browns are a currency that cannot be created except as
allowed by this contract. Any Artisan CAN by announcement Fry a Potato
that has never been Fried before; if this is done, the Muckle CAN
award one Golden Hash Brown to the Artisan, and SHALL do so as soon as
possible. An Artisan SHALL NOT claim to Fry something unless e is sure
it's a Potato.

The Quota is a positive integer, initially 33. If, in the last 30
days, more than 30 Potatoes have been Fried and the Quota has not been
incremented, then the Muckle CAN increment the Quota by 1, and SHALL
do so as soon as possible. If, in the last 30 days, less than 14
Potatoes have been fried and the Quota has not been decremented, then
the Muckle CAN decrement the Quota by 1, and SHALL do so as soon as

A Potato is any string whose SHA-1 hash in binary begins with at
least a Quota of 0s, and clearly indicates the following, and which is

  • Today's date, or any date no more than six days earlier.
  • That date's Dow opening (if there is none, that date has no Potatoes).
  • The Quota at the beginning of that date.
  • The word "Muckle".

The most recent Dow opening can be found at, to the right of the big
number. The date of that Dow opening is below the big number.

If this contract is a contest, any Artisan CAN by announcement destroy
N Golden Hash Browns to gain (number of registered first-class
Artisans)*N*5/7 points, rounded down.

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