Security Clearance



This is a pledge entitled Security Clearance.

This pledge imposes no duties on anyone unless coppro is Promotor. If e
is not, e may amend this pledge by announcement. If e is, e may amend
without 3 objections, and any player may amend it with 1.5 Agoran Consent.

Any player other than coppro may join or leave this pledge by announcement.

A player can submit privately to coppro a Proposal as if e were
publishing it to a Public Forum. E SHOULD explain why the Proposal needs
to be kept from the Agoran public, and include any specific instructions
as to its distribution. If coppro feels that the Proposal is of
sufficient gravity to remain hidden, it becomes a COSMIC TOP SECRET
Proposal. Submitting a proposal for considerations of Security
constitutes agreement to this contract.

coppro CAN act on behalf of the submitter to submit a COSMIC TOP SECRET
Proposal, but only if he distributes it in the same message. E SHALL NOT
otherwise reveal its existence or its substance.

If a COSMIC TOP SECRET Proposal is intended to fix a bug in the rules,
coppro SHALL NOT reveal the bug to anyone unless the author authorizes
em to do so, NOR SHALL e exploit it for es own gain or prevent the
author or anyone specifically authorized by the author from exploiting
it for eir own gain.

A player may withdraw a COSMIC TOP SECRET Proposal by informing coppro
that e does so. When e does, it ceases to be a COSMIC TOP SECRET
Proposal and coppro's duties and privileges with terminate.

coppro SHALL NOT use this contract to harvest scams for eir own good; e
SHALL do it only for the good of Agora. Any actions taken by coppro that
would result in people being unwilling to submit potential scams as
COSMIC TOP SECRET Proposals due to fear e would use them should be
considered heavily by an equity court.

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