Reformed Bank of Agora



1. The name of this contract is the Reformed Bank of Agora. This is a
public contract and a partnership.

2. Any person who owns a non-zero number of Chits may become party to
this agreement by announcement. Parties to this agreement are known as
Bankers. The Bankers shall act collectively to fulfill the obligations
required of this contract.

3. Chits are a currency. The Treasurer is the recordkeeper of Chits.
Initially the Treasurer is BobTHJ.

4. Each non-fixed currency defined by the rules of Agora or by a
public contract may have an exchange rate. The list of current
exchange rates shall be part of the Treasurer's weekly report. Any
Banker may set the exchange rate of a currency to a specific integer
value without three objections.

5. A person CAN transfer one instance of a currency with an exchange
rate to the Reformed Bank of Agora by announcement. Upon doing so a
number of Chits equal to that exchange rate are created in the
possession of that person.

6. A person CAN, by announcement, destroy a number of Chits in eir
possession equal to the exchange rate of a currency times The Withdraw
Factor (rounded up) as long as the Bank possesses at least one of that
currency. Upon doing so one unit of that currency is transferred from
the Reformed Bank of Agora to that person.

7. Any Banker CAN amend this contract without three objections. Any
Banker CAN act on behalf of the Reformed Bank of Agora without three

8. Whenever a player transfers a Digit Ranch and a Water Rights Voucher
to the Bank of Agora the Treasurer CAN and SHALL as soon as possible
transfer the lesser of four or all crops of the type corresponding to
that Digit Ranch owned by the Bank to that player.

9. The Withdraw Factor is based upon a person's status within the
contract Airstrip One and is determined as follows:
Marine - 1.3
Pilot - 1.05
Captain - 1
None of the above or ambiguious - 1.1

10. Any Banker may initiate a Bank Motion by announcement. A Bank Motion
may specify one or more of the following actions:

  • A change to the exchange rate for a currency
  • Any action the RBOA can perform as a person

Each Banker may either approve or disapprove of a Bank Motion by
announcement. A minimum of two and a maximum of seven days after the
initiation of a Bank Motion any Banker may resolve that Motion. At the
time of resolution, if the total number of chits owned by Bankers who
approved of the Motion exceeds the total number of chits of Bankers
who disapproved of the Motion, then the Banker who resolves the motion
shall carry out any actions specified by that motion. The Banker is
authorized to act on behalf of the RBOA for the purposes of resolving
said Motion.

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