Political Action Committee



1. The name of this contract is the Political Action Committee. This
is a public contract, and if it has only one member, a pledge. This
contract CAN be amended without three objections. Any person CAN join
this contract by announcement.

2. Lobbyists are a currency whose recordkeepor is the Chairman. If it
is otherwise unclear, the Chairman is the person who has been a party
to this contract the longest. The position of Chairman CAN be
transferred to another consenting party by the current Chairman.

3. A person who owns one or more Lobbyists CAN bid on an Agoran
Decision by announcement by identifying the Agoran Decision in
question, specifying a valid vote option for that decision, and
specifying a number of Lobbyists greater than zero and up to the
amount e owns. A bid on an Agoran Decision is the winning bid if:
a) the number of Lobbyists specified by that bid is greater than all
other bids on that decision, and
b) the number of Lobbyists specified by that bid is less than or
equal to the number of Lobbyists owned by the person who made the bid

4. A vote of DONATE(x) on an Agoran decision is equivalent to casting
all possible votes equal to the option specified by the winning bid on
that decision, or if there is no winning bid specified, casting all
possible votes of X.

5. At the end of the voting period on each Agoran decision with a
winning bid a number of Lobbyists equal to the number specified by the
winning bid in the possession of the person who posted that bid are
destroyed. Then one Lobbyist is created in the possession of each
other person for each valid DONATE vote they cast on that decision.

6. If a contract which identifies itself as a Bank and contains a
minimum of 5 first-class parties establishes an exchange rate for
Lobbyists the Chairman CAN create 10 Lobbyists in the possession of
that Bank as soon as possible after the establishment of such a rate.

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