No one is Winston Payne.


1. The name of this contract is Objectionable. Objectionable is a

2. Phoenix Wright is responsible for maintaining this contract. if
this contract is a contest Phoenix Wright is its contest master.
Initially Quazie is Phoenix Wright.

3. OVERRULLEDs are a currency. Phoenix Wright is the recordkeepor of

4. Whenever a player of Agora objects to a dependant action that
requires either Agoran Consent or WIthout N Objections, and the action
is still successful, Phoenix Wright shall as soon as possible create
an OVERRULLED in that player's possession.

5. The Player with the most OVERRULLEDs is known as Winston Payne.

6. Phoenix Wright and Winston Payne are forever in a legal battle,
and as a result whenever Phoenix Wright makes a judgement, if Winston
Payne is a Lawyer then e must attempt to appeal Phoenix Wright's
judgement with a well thought out counter arguement. Similarlly if
Winston Payne makes a judgement then Phoenix Wright must attempt to
appeal his judgement with a well thoughtout counter arguement.

7. Phoenix Wright shall not support any attempts by Winston Payne to
appeal a judgement. If Winston Payne is a Lawyer, E shall not support
any attempts by Phoenix Wright to appeal a judgement.

8. This contract CAN be amended by any Lawyer without floor(n/2) (where n is
the number of Lawyers) objections or 3 objections, which ever is smaller.

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