Nomic Wars III




The name of this contract is Nomic Wars III. This is a public
contract. Any person CAN join this contract. Any party CAN leave this
contract. Any party CAN amend or terminate this contract without three
objections. If this contract specifies that an action can be
performed, the method for performing that action is by announcement
unless otherwise specified. If this contract is a contest its
contestmaster is null then any party CAN flip its contestmaster to
BobTHJ. If this contract is not a contest then the contestmaster (asRo
referred to in this contract) is BobTHJ. Parties to this contract
shall act collectively to ensure it fulfills its duties and
obligations. Any party CAN act on behalf of this contract without
three objections.


Nomic Wars Rules (or War-rules) are entities recognized and regulated
by this contract. No entity may create, modify, or destroy a War-rule
except as permitted by this contract and by non-void War-rules.
Parties to this contract are bound by the text of all War-rules, but
only to the extent of the scope of this contract. Any War-rule or
section of a War-rule which obligates or permits a party to take an
action (or inaction) that is not defined by this contract is void,
with the exception of those actions specifically mentioned in this
contract. The text of this contract takes precedence over all

Each War-rule has an owner. The owner of a War-rule must be either the
name of a current party, former party, or null (default). If the owner
of a War-rule would be set to any other value it is instead set to

Each war-rule has an integer rating (default -1). In a conflict
between two War-rules the War-rule with the higher rating takes
precedence. A War-rule with a non-positive rating is void and

Each war-rule has a number. Whenever a new war-rule is created it is
assigned the next highest unused sequential number by the

The contestmaster of this contract SHALL in a timely fashion award
points for this contract if directed by the War-rules currently in
effect. The set of axes for this contest is {X, Y}. If this contract
is a Champion's Contest, then the contestmaster SHALL in a timely
fashion transfer Medals from this contract to a specific one of its
parties if directed by the War-rules currently in effect.

The contestmaster SHALL maintain a list of all War-rules and any other
information pertinent to this contract and shall publish such a list
on a regular basis.


Upon creation of this contract, or whenever a party to this contract
wins by Championship as a result of a Medal transferred to them by
this contract all War-rules are repealed, then the following set of
War-rules are created:

1. (Rating=8, Owner=null) A War-rule's text, Rating, Owner, and number
may not be modifed (even indirectly) by a War-rule with a Rating lower
than its own.

2. (Rating=8, Owner=null) A War-rule may not be repealed (even
indirectly) by a War-rule with a Rating lower than its own.

3. (Rating=7, Owner=null) Maneuvers are a currency whose recordkeeper
is the Contestmaster.

4. (Rating=7, Owner=null) As soon as possible after the beginning of
each week the Contestmaster SHALL create five Maneuvers in the
possession of each party.

5. (Rating=7, Owner=null) A party CAN perform a Battle Action by
destroying a number of Maneuvers in eir possession equal to the cost
of that action (default cost 1 if unspecified).

6. (Rating=7, Owner=null) Rights and abilities granted by War-rules of
Rating 5 or above CAN NOT be abridged by War-rules with a Rating lower
than their own.

7. (Rating=6, Owner=null) Among equally Rated War-rules, War-rules
with lower numbers take precedence over War-rules with higher numbers.

8. (Rating=5, Owner=null) When a War-rule is added its Owner is set to
the party who directly added it, or null if otherwise unclear.

9. (Rating=5, Owner=null) War-rules whose text contains more than 30
words or more than one sentence are void.

10. (Rating=4, Owner=null) Incrementing or decrementing the rating of
a War-rule by 1 is a Battle Action.

11. (Rating=4, Owner=null) Creating a new War-rule is a Battle Action
with a cost of 2.

12. (Rating=3, Owner=null) As soon as possible after the end of each
week, the contestmaster SHALL award X-points to each party equal to
eir Presence at the end of that week.

13. (Rating=3, Owner=null) A party CAN NOT increment or decrement the
rating of a War-rule if e has done so within the past week.

14. (Rating=3, Owner=null) A party's Presence is equal to the sum of
the Ratings of all War-rule e owns.

15. (Rating=3, Owner=null) A War-rule whose rating is less than 2 may
not repeal or modify the text, ownership, rating, or number of any

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