Extremely Young



This is a public pledge known as "Extremely
Young". Any person CAN join this contract by announcement if and only
if the 2-adic absolute value of eir age (in years, rounded down) <=
0.25. Any party to this contract CAN leave this contract by
announcement. Parties to this contract are known as Designees.


From Wikipedia:

For a given prime p, we define the p-adic absolute value in Q as follows: for any non-zero rational number x, there is a unique integer n allowing us to write x = pn(a/b), where neither of the integers a and b is divisible by p. Unless the numerator or denominator of x in lowest terms contains p as a factor, n will be 0. Now define |x|p = p−n. We also define |0|p = 0.

Thus, a person CAN join if and only if eir age is an integral multiple of 4.

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