1) These regulations shall compose the nomic ruleset of a public
partnership, known as the Embassy.

2) The parties to this partnership generally CAN act on behalf of the
partnership as a whole, where not otherwise prohibited by these
regulations. The parties SHALL act collectively to ensure that the
partnership meets its legal obligations.

3) Nomicity being important to the healthy functioning of this
partnership, any party CAN modify these regulations in any way by
announcement, with the consent of all other parties.

4) Any person CAN join this partnership by announcement, with the
consent of all parties. Any party to this partnership CAN leave it
by announcement.

5) Under the auspices of Agora's Rule 2148, this foreign nomic does
hereby grant the Ambassador of Agora the power 2; and the privilege
of effecting rule changes to any rule of Agora with power of at
most 2 by announcement, as explicitly permitted by these

6) If the Ambassador of Agora is a member of this contract, e MAY and
SHALL once perform the following actions, in order:

a) Enact a Rule of Agora with power 2, titled "Win by Diplomacy",
with the text:

Upon an announcement of a diplomatic win by the Ambassador that
names a set of persons, each person named in the announcement
satisfies the Winning Condition of Diplomacy. This rule then
repeals itself.

b) Announce a diplomatic win, naming the set of persons who are
party to this contract.

c) Amend Rule 2148 by replacing its second paragraph with this

A foreign nomic may grant certain positions and perquisites to
Agora's ambassador. If so, the ambassador shall generally
exercise such perquisites in such manner as e sees fit, subject
to other rules and orders.

7) If the Ambassador of Agora is a member of this contract, any party
CAN act on eir behalf to perform any actions required of em by
these regulations by virtue of eir holding the position of

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