Rule 1: Rules and Plates

The Text of DiploNomic consists of all of DiploNomic's Rules and
Plates. Rules have unlimited power to govern DiploNomic. Plates do not
govern DiploNomic (except as Rules allow), but are still part of its
text. Brian shall keep track of the Text of DiploNomic, and shall
inform Agora of any changes to it. Rules generally use their own
definitions, not those of other nomics; Plates often use the
definitions of other nomics.

Rule 2: Players

A person is Loyal if e is a party (as Agora defines the term) to the
Text of DiploNomic and not a B Nomic Fugitive. Any Loyal person (that
is, sapient biological organism) can register by announcement, making
em a Player. Any Player can deregister by announcement, making em
cease to be a Player.

Rule 3: Proposals

Any Player can submit a Proposal by announcement. Within the week
after a Proposal is submitted, any Player can vote FOR or AGAINST, or
withdraw these votes, by announcement. A week after a Proposal is
submitted, if it has more FOR votes than AGAINST votes (only each
Player's first N non-withdrawn votes count, where N is 2 for Loyal
players, 1 for non-Loyal players), it takes effect.

Rule 4: Offices

An Office is an entity that can be held by one Player; if an Office is
ever held by something that is not a Player, it ceases to be held by
anything. The candidates for an office are all the Loyal Players who
consent to holding the office, or all consenting Players if there are
no such Loyal Players. Once per week, any Player can select a random
candidate for an office and cause the office to be held by that

The Office of Rules is an Office whose holder is known as Brian.

Rule 5: Announcements

"By announcement" means "by posting to a Public Forum". Initially, the
only Public Forum is moc.spuorgelgoog|cimonolpid#moc.spuorgelgoog|cimonolpid.

Rule 6: B Nomic Fugitives

If a person has been subpoenaed, the subpoena's time limit has
expired, and that person has not been Resident on a B Nomic Square of
the National Color since the subpoena, the person is a B Nomic
Fugitive. Persons shall not become B Nomic Fugitives.

Plate 1: Agora

The Text of DiploNomic is a public contract, as Agora defines the
term. Parties to the Text of DiploNomic SHALL ensure that it follows
the rules of Agora. If the Text of DiploNomic changes, Brian SHALL
publish the change within seven days. Parties to the Text of
DiploNomic CAN leave it by announcement, but SHALL NOT do so if they
are Players.

Any Player can send a public message to Agora with support and without
2 objections in 4 to 14 days.

Plate 2: B Nomic

A Colonial Color is a Color whose Laws are the Text of DiploNomic. If
there are more Squares of a Colonial Color than of any other Colonial
Color, that Colonial Color becomes the National Color. The Tracker for
the National Color is Brian if e is Resident to a Square of that
Color, the Player who has been Resident to a Square of that Color for
the longest amount of time otherwise. If ever Brian is not Resident to
a Square of the National Color but there are any Squares of the
National Color, then e is subpoenaed, with the time limit being a B
Nomic Jiffy.

Colonial Colors

  • (0,0,0) (National Color)

Colors are defined by B Nomic's Rule 5E48 (The Grid).

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