Contract A



This contract is a public contract and a pledge, known as Contract A.
comex CAN make Contract Changes to this contract by announcement.

A trumpet is a fixed body of text which has been made into a trumpet
using a process specifically described in this contract. A trumpet
SHOULD outline changes to be made to Agora, including enacting,
repealing, or amending rules, or making other explicit changes to the

A player CAN create a trumpet by publishing ("submitting") a body of
text with a clear indication that it is intended to become a trumpet,
which places the trumpet in the Instrument Case. The author (syn.
proposer) of a trumpet is the player who submitted it. The author of
a trumpet may remove it from the Case by announcement.

comex CAN adopt a trumpet without 15 objections; its power is set to
one, and then it takes effect. It does not otherwise take effect.

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