Brainfuck Joust



This is a public contract and (if permitted by the Rules) a
Contest. Goethe is the contestmaster; members and Agoran courts SHOULD
generally defer to eir adjudication of disputes if the need arises.
Goethe CAN terminate the contract by announcement. Any section of the
contract text may be changed by Goethe w/o three objections from members.
Any player may join or leave this contract by announcement.

The section of the contract labeled "CURRENT TOURNAMENT" may be changed
by Goethe by announcement, provided e has announces eir intent to make
the specific change a week or more in advance.

If a tournament is ongoing, Goethe CAN end the tournament and start
a new one by announcement with a week's notice of intent. If a
tournament is not ongoing, Goethe may start one by announcement.

A "program" is a program written in the Brainfuck (BF) programming
language, with possible modifications specified in the CURRENT TOURNAMENT.

The Hill is a list of the current top ten highest-ranked BF programs
submitted to the Current Tournament.

Any player (member or non-member) may submit up to three BF programs a week
for Challenges by emailing them to Goethe. Once a program is submitted, it
CANNOT be withdrawn. Goethe CAN submit programs up to three/week as well,
but CANNOT receive points for them, and SHOULD only do so to keep the
tournament interesting for all. Goethe CAN remove or add programs to the
Hill (other than through Challenges, below) only by announcement by
giving a week's notice of specific intent to add/remove.

A Challenge consists of competing a submitted program (the Challenger)
against each program on The Hill, and competing all programs on The Hill
against each other, and the programs ranked according to the CURRENT
TOURNAMENT. The program with the lowest rank is dropped from The Hill,
and the challenger is added to The Hill if it is not the lowest scorer.
Goethe shall run a challenge for each legally submitted program in the
order it is received, and announce the results of each challenge. The
time that the challenge is deemed to occur is the time of Submission.

1. When a program has been a Knight for the beginning of three
successive nomic weeks, Goethe SHALL publish its code. Goethe
SHALL NOT otherwise reveal players' code (that Goethe did not
write) to each other.
2. When a program is dropped from the hill after being on the hill
for two weeks or more, the submitter SHOULD reveal the code,
but need not.
3. A submitter MAY always share eir own code.
4. Goethe CAN, MAY, and SHOULD set up systems for providing code
feedback outside "official" entrants to the hill; such feedback
MAY include reporting results of competition between programs
submitted by any contestant, provided this does not directly
reveal contestant's code in a manner not otherwise permitted.

When a program has been on the hill continuously for one week, or has
survived 5 challenges from other players (whichever comes first), it
becomes a Knight. The Standing Rank of a knight in a given Nomic
week is the rank it held at the beginning of the Nomic week if it was
a knight at the beginning of that week, and 0 (lowest) otherwise.

Each Nomic week, Goethe SHALL publish a message attempting to award
points to contest members for each of the member's programs that
were knights at the beginning of the Nomic week, according to the
following schedule for the standing rank of each knight:
8 points for highest ranking program;
5 for second;
3 for third;
2 for fourth;
1 for fifth;
0 otherwise.

It is expected that within submission limits, players might use
multiple programs to achieve the highest aggregate score.


There is no Current Tournament. Coming Soon!

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