1. This is a public contract and a partnership.
2. The name of this contract is Bayes.
3. is a script whose purpose is to act on behalf of Bayes in
a generally autonomous way, controlled by the parties to this
4. CAN cause Bayes to act by sending a message from
5. Any party to this contract CAN but generally SHOULD NOT act on
behalf of Bayes by announcement with the consent of all other parties.
6. Parties to this contract SHALL ensure that Bayes follows the Rules
of Agora to the maximum possible extent.
7. Because is not finished, parties to this contract SHOULD
modify it as appropriate to improve its behavior. However, parties to
this contract are ENCOURAGED to develop to a point where
intervention can be minimal, except to add new features.
8. Persons CANNOT become party to this contract by announcement. If
there are more than two parties to this contract, any party CAN leave
it by announcement.

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