1. Before the Painting Period, anyone can join this contract by
announcement, unless it would come to have more than five Artists, or
leave it by announcement with seven days' prior notice.
2. comex is the Patron; the other parties to this contract are Artists.
3. During the voting period of a distribution of proposals, the Patron
CAN announce the distribution to be the Masterpiece. The announcement
is INVALID if the Patron does not give 5 VP to each Artist in the same
message. The voting period of the proposals in the Masterpiece is the
Painting Period.
4. In the first three days of the Painting Period, all Artists SHALL
cast at least one valid vote FOR every AI=1 proposal in the
distribution, and SHALL NOT retract that vote.
5. During the Painting Period, the Patron CAN on behalf of any Artist
to cast a vote FOR an AI=1 proposal in the distribution if e does not
have any valid FOR votes on it, and to retract a random one of eir
votes if e has already voted up to eir voting limit on it. The Artist
SHALL NOT retract a vote cast in this manner.
6. When the Painting Period is finished, this contract terminates itself.

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