Agricultural Timeshare v1.2



This is an equitable public contract and a pledge. The name of this
contract is "Agricultural Timeshare v1.2".

A Farmer CAN join this contract by announcement. Parties to this
contract are called Timeshareholders. A Timeshareholder SHALL NOT cease
to be a Farmer.

A Timeshareholder CAN leave this contract by announcement, provided e
published intent to do so between two and five days previously and
did not subsequently publicly retract that intent.

Any player (the contractor) CAN do the following:

1) Transfer N crops to a Timeshareholder (the leasor), where the N
crops are all of the crops necessary to harvest a rule that was
amended within the last six days, and subsequently in the same
message act on the leasors behalf to cause em to harvest that rule,
provided the leasor either did not publish intent to leave this
contract within the last five days, or publicly retracted eir most
recent such intent.

2) Within 24 hours after the random crops are created in the leasor's
possession due to the action in part 1, act on the leasor's behalf
to transfer half of those crops to emself.

A leasor SHALL NOT destroy, spend, or transfer crops in such a way as to
deprive a contractor of step 2.

This contract CAN be amended with the unanimous agreement of every
Timeshareholder and current contractor, or without objection from any
Timeshareholder or current contractor.

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