A Circus of Random Values



1. The following is a Pledge.

2. Only Quazie may join this pledge.

3. There is a position known as the WheelKeepor. Quazie shall be the
holder of the WheelKeepor position.

4. Prizes are a class of fixed assets. The WheelKeepor is the
recordkeepor of Prizes. Prizes consist of an action that the
WheelKeepor will perform for the owner of the Prize. Prizes may
either be Wrapped or Unwrapped. A player in possession of a Wrapped
Prize (known as the Birthday Boy) may Unwrap their prize by
announcement, indicating that they would like the WheelKeepor to
perform the action specified by the Prize. The Birthday Boy may then
act on the WheelKeepor's behalf to cause the WheelKeepor to perform
the specified action. If the specified action fails, and all attempts
to successfully perform the action fail within a 24 hour period of
time, the Prize becomes Wrapped again, and the Birthday Boy may no
longer act on the WheelKeepor's behalf.

5. If a Prize has been in existence for 1 Month, the WheelKeepor may
Unwrap it by announcement. If a Prize is unwrapped in this manner,
the WheelKeepor does not incur any obligation.

6. There exists a list, as a part of this pledge, to be known as the
Prize wheel. This list contains descriptions for Prizes that may be
awarded. The Prize wheel has two states, ON and OFF. If at any time
the Prize Wheel contains less than 5 descriptions, its state becomes
OFF. The WheelKeepor may change the state of the Prize Wheel by

7. If a player attempts to Spin the Prize Wheel while the Prize Wheel
is OFF then the spin becomes a Pending spin and no Prize is selected
until its functionality is changed back to ON.

8. If there exists an open Sell ticket, posted by The WheelKeepor, in
the Vote Market for a chance to "Spin the Prize Wheel", and that
ticket is filled by a person (known as the spinner), the WheelKeepor
will chose a random description from the Prize Wheel, and create a
Wrapped prize of that type in the spinner's possession. Prizes may
only be created in this fashion. When a Prize is created in this
fashion, the description of that Prize is removed from the Prize

9. If the WheelKeepor has already voted on a proposal or
objected/supported to a dependant action as a result of a player
unwrapping a Prize, it is impossible for any player to Unwrap a Prize
indicating that the WheelKeepor vote in a different manner on that
proposal or object/support that same action. The WheelKeepor shall
not change their vote on a proposal, or their objection/support, if E
is obligated to perform that action due to the unwrapping of a Prize.

10. The WheelKeepor may add to the Prize Wheel by announcement. The
WheelKeepor may make other changes to this pledge without 3
objections. The WheelKeepor may terminate this pledge by announcement
if there are no Wrapped Prizes and no Pending Spins of the Prize

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