(2008-12-02 Warrigal)



This is a public contract. This is a pledge. Warrigal CAN terminate
this contract by announcement, but SHALL NOT do so if e is Grand
Poobah or there is currently an election for Grand Poobah.

The List is initially the following: pikhq, Murphy, root, Sgeo, comex,
Elysion, BobTHJ, Goethe, ais523, Taral, Schrodinger's Cat, Zefram,
Olipro, gavin, Dvorak Herring, oklopol, Billy Pilgrim, woggle, Quazie,
ehird, arkestra, Pavitra, Sir Toby, Wooble, cdm014, OscarMeyr,
Warrigal, 0x44.

Whenever a first-class player deregisters, e is removed from The List.
Whenever a first-class person registers, e is put at the bottom of The
List. Once per week, each person CAN by announcement swap two adjacent
persons in The List, as long as they are not both above (before) em on
The List.

If Warrigal, as Grand Poobah, is required to make a promotion, e SHALL
prefer promoting players higher in The List, and if e, as Grand
Poobah, is required to make a demotion, e SHALL prefer demoting
players lower in The List.

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