Bob's Janitorial Service



1. The name of this public contract is Bob's Janitorial Service. Any
person CAN join this contract by announcement. Any party CAN leave
this contract by announcement. Any party CAN amend or terminate this
contract without three objections.

2. Parties to this contract permit the web interface located at and maintained by BobTHJ to act on their
behalf to send messages and perform actions, but only to the extent as
directed by that party via the web interface. Messages sent via the
web interface will be sent from the e-mail address moc.liamg|topegdip#moc.liamg|topegdip,
but in all other aspects are treated as messages from the respective
party who initiated the message via the interface. This contract is
NOT envisioned as an entrapment scheme. BobTHJ and any other persons
designated to maintain the web interface SHALL attempt to ensure that
said interface only acts to send messages and perform actions as
directed by the parties to this contract.

3. AutoDeal is a party switch with values of "On" (default) and "Off".
If a party who is also a Dealor of a basic deck has eir AutoDeal
switch On, e permits any other party (the recipient) to cause cards to
be randomly dealt from that deck via the web interface. However, each
such draw is only valid if the recipient is owed a draw from that
deck. The dealor SHALL report on the success state of any such draws
as soon as possible. In addition, BobTHJ or any other person
designated to maintain the web interface SHOULD attempt to ensure the
interface correctly and accurately reports the success state of all
draws. Parties SHALL NOT cause cards to be dealt to them via the web
interface unless they reasonably believe such draws to be legal and

4. Reporting and action automation services provided by the web
interface are as a courtesy and service to Agora only. Parties to this
contract CAN choose to use or not use these services as they desire.
Should one or more actions initiated through the web interface not
function as intended by the initiating party due to an
automation/programming error in the web interface, parties to this
contract permit BobTHJ and/or a designee to act on eir behalf to
correct the error by retracting said action and/or initiating a
corrective action, however any party CAN withdraw this permission for
any specified action by announcement.

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