Airstrip One



1) Administrivia:

a) The name of this contract is Airstrip One.

b) This is a pledge.

c) The Air Traffic Controller is Murphy.

d) The ATC CAN amend this contract without objection.

2) Props:

a) Props are a currency. The recordkeepor of props is the
ATC. Ownership of props is limited to first-class
players. Props CANNOT be created, transferred, or destroyed
except as required by this contract or the rules.

b) When a first-class player registers, 14 props are created in
eir possession.

c) Once per week, each player CAN transfer a prop from one
player to another, provided that e explains why e chose each
player, and does not transfer it to emself.

d) Players with at least 23 props are Pilots; the Pilot with the
most props (if any) is the Captain. Players with less than
5 props are Marines.

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