(2008-12-03 Taral)



Players may add or remove an email address as a "send-only address"
to a specific Public Forum Without Objection. The Distributor SHALL
take what actions are necessary to permit (or prevent, as appropriate)
that address to send messages to that Public Forum.

Parties may leave this pledge by announcement. This pledge terminates
if the Distributor is not a party.

Send-only addresses

  • Forum: gro.cimonaroga|ssenisub-aroga#gro.cimonaroga|ssenisub-aroga
  • Address: ten.cimon|retsamecid#ten.cimon|retsamecid

The nomic.net dice server can send results directly to agora-business, to prove that you didn't roll multiple times until you got a result you like. Include the following line in your message:

#P gro.cimonaroga|ssenisub-aroga#gro.cimonaroga|ssenisub-aroga

Note that your message should be sent to ten.cimon|ecid#ten.cimon|ecid but the response comes from ten.cimon|retsamecid#ten.cimon|retsamecid

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